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About Adilia


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About Adilia

Adilia Frazer

Adilia Frazer
Born in Costa Rica, she is an American citizen, married, with three children and two granddaughters. Her home is in College Station, Texas USA.


As a Bilingual Child Development Specialist and Trainer, Adilia has 16 years of experience working with children of all ages and presenting bilingual early educational programs in the USA and internationally.

Her presentations and work include experience presenting trainings in mono and bilingual settings to organizations, conferences, associations, child care facilities, early childhood settings, schools and universities.

Her professionalism is reflected with her involvement on child development advising, accreditation validator, and CDA consultant, among many others.

Internationally, Adilia has participated with programs for children in Russia and Czech Republic. She founded programs to aid needed children in programs from Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Spain. Information at CNBE International.

Information on consulting and private services available at ChildreNiños Bilingual Training - CNBT.

Some comments about Adilia's presentations:

Adilia Frazer is an outstanding child development trainer as well as training coordinator. I observed her on many occasions. She reaches her audience extremely effectively by leading them to greater understanding of the material being taught. She skillfully uses multi-sensory, multifaceted training techniques with ease and skill. Her creativity shines as she discovers ways to convey the meaning of content to the level of her audience.
Lynn Weiss, Ph.D., author of children books, Bastrop, Texas USA

Adilia truly strives to make the lives of young children better in her support of childcare trainings and in raising the quality of child care in the region.
Amy Jones, Child Development Department Coordinator, Blinn College, Texas, USA.

Comments from some Child Care training participants:

Learned the importance of having diversity in the classroom. Very creative and fun ideas. Ideas that are realistic and fun for the children. I am glad I came.

Enjoyed the hands on activities. Enjoyed my self and learned a lot. Enjoyed very much. Very Informative. Great ideas. Good ideas for my class. Great instructor. Very interactive.

The information was wonderful. I learned a lot of information to use in different ways to make my room more fun. Enjoyed the art projects and letting us try them out. Please come back. Made me learn more. Adilia was excellent!

Amarillo Child Care Training

Deseamos destacar algunos aspectos relevantes: La organizacion y responsabilidad de su programa. La variedad de actividades llevadas a cabo beneficiando tanto a niños como a padres y al equipo de trabajo de las organizaciones que trabajamos con los niños y las comunidades. El conocimiento profesional actualizado tanto en el campo teórico como el práctico. La excelente integración de equipo y trabajo compartido. Su respeto y afecto por los niños y las organizaciones que trabajamos con ellos.
Sonia Brenes Mejía, Directora General Ministerio Amor en la Calle, San Jose, Costa Rica.

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